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Actually what is Batik? Batik word derived from the syllable Ambatik , the word "Amba" (language java) which means writing and the
"Tik" which a means a small point, droplets, or make a point. So, Batik is to write or paint point.

In general, Batik is a resist technique with color repeatedly wax on the cloth. Candles are used as a barrier to prevent the color does not absorb into the fiber fabric in the desired parts.

Batik is a painting on cloth that is used as an ingredient clothing manufacture base. At first, Batik is known only and should only be used by people who have positions/rank in the Palace (Keraton). Batik is made up of various motifs and each motif is the symbol for the wearer , such as machetes and motives kawung which should only  be worn by the royal family. On development, Batik spread to the general public.

In addition, an art expert seggested that the art of Batik Indonesia is the result of the high cultural value. Because it is enhanced and developed appropriate.

In Indonesia, Batik is known since ancient kingdom of Majapahit, then spread to other kingdoms, and passed down to subsequent generations of kings. At first known batik is Batik tulis. Batik is made with a backing material that was originally also woven itself. Coloring materials used are dyes taken from nature in the local area (tree noni, tinggi, soga, tilapia, etc). The process of making batik is very old, the fastest time-consuming two weeks if the weather is nice and professional batik.

Batik has become a popular and used by the public at the beggining of the 19th century. All known types of batik is still a batik tulis. After the year 1920 masehi becoming known batik (batik cetak). The time needed to make a batik cetak faster. Within one week to complete a batiks.

That is the explanation of batik. Hopefully you are reading the article could be useful.

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