Kinds Of Batik According To Style

Batik is one of the ancestral cultural heritage, and we sould be proud of as many kinds of motifs found in Indonesia. And now this batik has a very diverse range of shades, and when this is not just made for the pabric alone but also a variety of item such as jackets, shoes, gloves dry, and even dolls. And the following is an explanation of the type batik

1. Batik Keraton
Batik Keraton beginnings of all kinds of batik in Indonesia is growing. Is motive implies a philosophy of life. Batiks is made by the daughters of the keraton (palace) and creator batik experts who live in the keraton (palace). Motive is basically forbidden to be used by the "regular" like motifs Parang Barong, Parang Rusak including Udan Liris and some other motive.

2. Batik Belanda

Many residents of the Netherland (Belanda) descent who are interested in Indonesia batik. They make their own motives favored Europeans. Motive is a European flowers, like tulips and motifs pigures in the famous fairy tale there.

3. Batik Sudagaran

Prohibition of the palace (keraton) motifs stimulate artists from the merchant to create a new motive to taste the merchant. They also changed the pattern so that the motive for the ban to public use. Sudagaran batik designs generally impressed "brave" in the choice of the form, stylization on natural objects or animals, or combinations of colors that dominated soga and dark blue colors. Batik sudagaran presents quality craftsmanship and complexity in the process of presenting a new decoration. Creators batik sudagaran change with isens palace(keraton) complex and filled with cecek (spots) that create the most beautiful batik.

4. Batik Petani

Batik is created as a distraction activity housewife at home in times of do not go into the fields or during leisure time. This batik is usually coarse and clumsy and not smooth. Motive is hereditary according to their respective areas and the batik is done professionally because not only as a sideline

5. Batik Pringgondani

The name kesatriyan residence Gatotkaca Werkudara son. These motifs are usually displayed in dark colors such as blue indigo (indigo blue) and soga brown, and full of tiny tendrils interspersed with the dragon.

6. Batik Cuwiri

Is motif that uses natural dyes soga. This batik is usually used to Semekan and Kemben, also used during the ceremony Mitoni. Motif is mostly used elements gurda and meru. Cuwiri itself has little meaning and is expected to wearer worthy and respected.

7. Batik Sida Luhur
Motifs beginning with sida(read sido "language java") is a motif that many creator batik. The word "sida" itself means to be/become/happen. Thus, motifs beginning with "sida" has the expectation that what is desired can be is reached. Motif sida luhur (read sido luhur) meaningful hope to achieve a high position,and could become a model community.

8. Batik Sekarjagad
One the typical Indonesia batik motifs. This batik motif contains the meaning of beauty and beauty so that others would be fascinated to see. Others have thought that the motive Sekarjagad actually comes from the word"kar jagad" is taken from the java language (kar=map, jagad=the world), so that this motif also symbolizes diversity around the world.

9. Batik Sidomukti

Is motif that is usually made from natural dyes soga. Usually used as a pabric in a marriage ceremony. Motive element in it is gurda. Motifs beginning with sida (read sido "language java") is a motif that many groups creator the batik. The word "sida" itself means to be /become / happen. Thus motifs beginning with "sida"  has the expectation that what is desired is can be reached.

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