Dreamland Beach In Uluwatu Bali

Want to see my post about Kintamani attractions click here. On this occasion I will continue to post about a vacation spot that is located on the island of Bali again.
Want to know the most beautiful beach in Bali than Kuta beach? The answer of course Dreamland beach in the area Pecatu (Uluwatu). This beach is located at Pecatu, a region in the south of Bali. The beach is located not far from the area of Uluwatu in Bali is very famous for its beauty. The beauty and cleanliness of the beach adds to the attraction of visitors, not only domestic tourists but also foreign tourists. The beach is so beautiful and the visitors are not as busy as Kuta beach visitors. Of course, this situation will be more comfortable and able to enjoy
the atmosphere of the famous beach with wave.
dreamland beach

By traveling less than 30 minutes from Kuta Jimbaran Pecatu then you will get here. Dreamland beach area currently being developed as a tourist area of Bali Pecatu Resorts complete with the 18-hole golf courses, international schools, international hospitals, shopping malls and other tourist facilities. Dreamland beach in the future will be the exclusive tourist area and it will be better managed.

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